Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snapper Time

Well June 1st is finally here. The forecast for tomorrow is 2-3 feet, which usually means 2+3=5. It has come down some, but not the 1-2 I was hoping for, oh well. If anyone is planning on going out, I would recommend going south out of Cocodrie or head west out of south west pass. The high river water has stirred the water up to the east. I am personally heading out of fresh water bayou. If any one else is launching from there, we will be leaving the launch at 5:30 and will be headed south west to the East Cameron Blocks about 50-60 miles out. Ill be on channel 19 and the name of my boat is Reel Efficient, give me a call. If the water is clean enough we will be trying to shoot some fish also. Well good luck to everyone and be safe out there.