Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steps to WIN The World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off!

Step One Make Bloody Marry! If you get up at 5 AM to start cooking you must have one in your hand! Always make it with Zing Zang - Award Winnng Bloody Mary Mix Trust me it's the best!

Step Two the Roux! Start stirring and DO NOT STOP untill you have the right color. This one needs some more time. I like mine DARK!

We make two just in case someone quits stirring and starts drinking... NOT ME

Step Three
Chop the vegetables ( Or take the easy road and buy them chopped)  (Arm in left bowl is Scott)

Then Dump them in and let simmer.

Step Four add your Meat, Shrimp, Crab, Duck, Chicken whatever it's all good and let cook.

Stir every so often......

Step 5 Pour and look good for the paper.... Why?? They know we are going to win that's why!

Step 6 WIN!

The Cook-Off is this weekend in New Iberia, LA